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Pillar jib crane’s Quality Requirements For Metal Structure

Pillar jib crane’s quality metal structure refers to the structure which is connected by bolt, riveting or welding according to certain structural composition rules with rolled section steel or steel plate as the basic element and used to bear the load. The Pillar jib crane is a kind of heavy machinery with very heavy working conditions. Its load is complex and changeable, and its dynamic characteristics are obvious. Therefore, as the metal structure of the whole fixed column crane frame, its design quality will directly affect the technical and economic indicators of the whole pillar jib crane, that is, the reliability, applicability, manufacturing and operation costs of the pillar jib crane. In order to ensure the good technical economy of the pillar jib crane, the following requirements are put forward for the metal structure of the Pillar jib crane.


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1. Pillar jib crane meets the overall design requirements

The metal structure is an integral part of the pillar jib crane, which must meet the overall design requirements of the pillar jib crane. Firstly, it shall meet the overall requirements for working space, such as working range, span, front extension distance, back extension distance, lifting height, etc.; secondly, it shall meet the overall structural requirements.



2. Pillar jib crane is durable and has good performance

In order to ensure the durability, safety and reliability of the pillar jib crane. Its metal must have sufficient static strength, fatigue strength under specified life and overall and local stability of each component. In order to make the pillar jib crane have good performance and durability, its metal structure should also have enough static and dynamic rigidity.


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3. The self weight of the pillar jib crane is light and the material is small

Self weight is a very important technical and economic index of pillar jib crane. The metal structure of the pillar jib crane accounts for 60% - 70% of the total weight of the whole machine. Reducing the self weight of the metal structure not only saves the steel cost of the structure itself, but also helps to reduce the load of the lifting mechanism and the whole machine.


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4. The structure of pillar jib crane is reasonable and its technology is good

The structure of the metal structure of the pillar jib crane should not only adapt to the mechanical characteristics of the mechanism, so that the force path is short, the force flow is smooth, because the structure has good technology, so that the manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance are convenient.


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5. Beautiful shape of Pillar jib crane

Pillar jib crane is not only a machine but also a structure. It should reflect the beauty of its shape from the perspective of architectural art. The shape of pillar jib crane mainly depends on the shape of metal structure.


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