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What Is Harbor Freight Gantry Crane

The harbor freight gantry crane has the advantages of all-round mobility, quick disassembly and installation, and small floor area. The span and lifting height of the Mobile Gantry Crane can be adjusted by stages, the steel structure design is reasonable, and it can bear the weight from 500 to 10000 kg. It is especially suitable for equipment installation, handling, debugging, etc.


Gantry of Harbor Freight Gantry Crane

The gantry is mainly composed of five parts: crossbeam, column, chassis, guide beam and fulcrum, which is used as the support of lifting equipment. Mobile gantry is a new type of small crane gantry developed by our company according to the daily production needs of handling equipment, warehouse in and out, lifting and maintenance of heavy equipment and material transportation needs.


Characteristics of Harbor Freight Gantry Crane

The span and lifting height can be set by yourself, the steel frame structure design is reasonable, and the rated lifting capacity is 500-10000kg. When erecting and disassembling, there are always two standing and living together, and the work is rated as stable, safe and reliable. It is labor-saving and low cost when erecting and disassembling. Dejun crane can be customized according to customer needs to meet the use of different working conditions.


Notice of Harbor Freight Gantry Crane

1. After the completion of gantry operation (assembly), load test hoisting shall be carried out; the test hoisting is divided into static load and dynamic load, and the operation capacity, bearing capacity, stability and reliability of each system shall be checked.

2. When the gantry is running, it shall be parallel and stable without distortion.

3. Overload use is strictly prohibited.

4. During the operation, there shall be a special person for unified command, and other personnel shall have a clear division of labor; determine a unified contact signal.

5. In case of power failure or other special circumstances during operation, heavy objects shall be dropped to the ground and shall not be suspended in the air.

6. No one is allowed to stand under the gantry and the lifted heavy objects.

7. No one is allowed to stand on the gantry.

Harbor Freight Gantry Crane Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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