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Advantages and Structural Characteristics of European Cranes

In recent years, the concept of European cranes has emerged in the industry, with the goal of distinguishing it from the so-called domestic, Soviet (Soviet) and traditional cranes of the past. These cranes primarily include: bridge cranes, gantry cranes, cantilever cranes, flexible beam cranes, explosion-proof cranes and other industrial cranes.

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European cranes are medium and high-end bridge gantry crane. There is no concept of European crane in professional terms. It is a summary of domestic crane users. Domestic cranes (derived from Soviet design and manufacturing technology) are reliable, versatile, and inexpensive. The requirements for bridge gantry cranes put forward according to the characteristics of China's use are a clear market demand and a new definition of medium and high-end bridge gantry cranes, with the crane's advanced technology, compact structure, light weight, energy saving, low noise and other characteristics.

Europe type crane is based on the lightweight and modular design concept and advanced manufacturing technology, which makes the entire crane structure compact, stable operation, reduce weight, height decreased, energy conservation and consumption reduction, greatly reducing the user on the crane operation plant construction costs and crane operation cost, improving the overall quality and operational performance of crane. European cranes will become the development trend of crane and the mainstream of market demand.

European crane adopts more advanced crane optimization plan and frequency conversion drive skills; the crane is smaller in scale, heavier and lighter, better unprotected function, stable operation, accurate positioning, and a higher work continuation rate. This crane is equipped with high-strength galvanized steel wire rope, disc brake, hard-tooth surface reducer, programmable rise limit, cable-pulled wire rope guide device and other hardware equipment, which has inching function, real-time monitoring, preventing electronic shaking, zero-speed hovering, and micro-speed function.

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The advantages and beam structure characteristics of European type cranes are as follows:

1. Advantages.

A. Reduce customer investment, make full use of on-site space, and improve production efficiency.

B. Good combination, full specifications and complete product series, which can meet most of the needs of customers.

C. Safe and reliable, with advanced design concepts and mature technology to ensure product design.

D. Reliable performance, low failure rate, lower use and later maintenance costs.

E. Ensure smart devices and multiple functional interfaces to make functional expansion easier.

2. characteristics of the structure:

A. The main beam is designed with a square H-shaped steel structure, which is similar to the original simple walking trolley and has a lighter weight.

B. All the main welding is subject to non-destructive testing.

C. The steel plate material is domestic general steel.

D. The vertical rotation is subject to the national standard.

E. Like traditional cranes, all steel plates have been pretreated by shot blasting, reaching the standard of Sa2.5 level.

F. Carefully inspect and clean the steel plate before welding. Welding is usually carried out on an automatic welding machine.

3. Characteristics of end beams:

A. The end beams are formed by welding of rectangular steel pipes or steel plates. The formed end beams are positioned and processed by CNC machine tools at one time to reach the allowable deviation range.

B. There are two wheel rims, buffers and anti-derail protection devices on each end beam.

C. The double-girder crane is equipped with a maintenance platform on the driving side of the cart along the direction of the main girder.

D. Fasten the main beam and end beam with high-strength bolts to ensure the accuracy and stable operation of the whole machine.

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