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What are components and main functions of electric chain hoists?

Henan Dejun Industry Co. Ltd is a professional equipment enterprise producing electric hoists, cranes, chain hoists, explosion-proof electric hoists, electric chain hoists, and so on. What are the components of electric chain hoist? What are its functions? Please see the answers below:

1. Lifting chain

The lifting chain of an electric chain hoist adopts Φ 7.1mm and Φ 11.2mm 80 grade surface carbon black treated lifting chain to ensure its safety and durability. The strong hardening surface of the lifting chain can prevent the damage of products and the softening of core materials to maintain the high performance of the lifting chain for a long time.

The chain of the electric chain hoist is made of low-carbon alloy steel, which makes the chain more ductile, stronger and wear-resistant, and ensures safety in work. The length of the lifting chain can be lengthened and customized according to the requirements of customers, and can also be used in the case of large travel. The chain of the chain electric hoist is equipped with a chain bag, which makes the chain electric hoist look clean, neat and beautiful. The chain bag is also filled with antirust oil, so that the chain is not easy to rust to prolong the service life of the electric hoist.


2. Dual brake system

Two complete and independent brake systems not only reduce the possibility of brake failure but also enhance the safety of the brake and facilitate heat dissipation.

(1). The electromagnetic braking system responds quickly and provides a positive braking force. The use of non-asbestos brake lining greatly prolongs the maintenance cycle. The brake system has been tested more than 22500 times.

(2). The mechanical brake is very reliable. The mechanical brake and electromagnetic brake coordinate with each other and can stop the machine at any time.

3. Speed change gear

The standard chain electric hoist generally adopts spiral gear to provide reliability and can prolong its service life by minimizing the impact of gear bite and vibration. The special design of the gear enhances the durability of the gear, and the gear is made of alloy steel, which obtains the maximum strength and wears resistance after professional fine heat treatment.

4. Reverse phase protector

The reverse protector can protect against the damage to the hoist or hoist motor caused by the wrong connection (reverse connection) of the power line.

5. Limit switch

When the chain electric hoist rises or falls to the limit, the limit switch will automatically cut off the power, and the limit switch can effectively prevent the collision between the lifting weight and the machine body. 

6. Emergency stop switch

This button is used to stop the action of the hoist in case of an emergency. It is a red button in the shape of the mushroom head, which is located at the top of the pressing handle. When the button is pressed, the power supply of the hoist will be cut off, and the button has the function of automatic locking.

7. Button control handle

The light and heavyweight button control has rainproof function and sensitive response. The operating handle voltage of the standard ring chain hoist is 24v-36v. Low voltage control can effectively protect the operator from electric shock. The voltage of the operating handle is controlled at 24v-36v, which is also a mandatory requirement of the AQSIQ for special lifting equipment. 

8. Anti-wear load pulley

The load pulley is made of alloy steel and has undergone professional heat treatment for the purpose of anti-wear and smooth matching with the chain. The new chain design guides the smooth insertion of the chain into the pulley. 

9. Overload protection

Hoist and load is a special protection device. When the load is greater than the set value, the overload protection will be enabled automatically and the hoist lifting will stop automatically.

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