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Different Kinds of Packages for Cranes and Hoists


Generally speaking, in the process of communication with customers, many customers are very concerned about the packaging method of cranes. Because after finishing the production of the crane or hoist, the finished crane needs to be transported from our factory to the port or airport, and the crane will be transported to the customer's factory by sea or air according to the customer's choice. This is a relatively long process, and proper outer packaging is very important during long-term transportation. Not only can it avoid the crane from being squeezed during transportation, but also long-term sea transportation may cause the crane to rust and so on.

There is a wide range of hoisting and transporting machinery products, and the dimensions of the components are also very different. Generally, export cranes are shipped by sea. When it comes to shipping, there are three impacts: First, the impact of size: if the size of the component is small, it can be transported in a container; if the size of the component is large, it needs to be transported in bulk (whole ship or carrying ). The second is the requirements for anti-corrosion. In the container, the anti-corrosion condition is good, the deck is bare, and the influence of salt spray, rain and snow, and sunlight should be considered. The third is the requirement of anti-breakage. The packaging should be able to withstand the accidental situation of bumping, rolling or even falling during general loading and unloading.

Our company will provide the customer with the packaging required to transport the goods to the final destination specified in the contract to prevent the goods from being damaged or being deteriorated in transit. Electronic control components and other small items are packed in wooden boxes, and the necessary protection measures to prevent moisture, sun, rust, corrosion, vibration, and other damages should be applied to protect the goods to withstand multiple handling, loading, unloading, and long-distance transportation. Seller assumes responsibility or expense for any loss of rust, damage, and loss of goods due to improper packaging or protection.

The electromechanical devices that have been installed in the sub-parts of the crane shall be sealed and packaged with plastic sheets, and the necessary protection measures to prevent moisture, sun, rust, corrosion, and other damage shall be applied.

Main product package introduction

The overhead crane, jib crane, and gantry crane are usually composed of the main girder end beam, the electrical part and the hoisting part (electric hoist or winch). Compared with bridge cranes, gantry cranes have one more leg and ground beam, and various hoists are relatively small in volume and weight.

For steel structures such as main beams and end beams, we usually choose to pack them with plastic cloth, which can reduce the wear and tear of the crane during transportation and so on.




Due to each customer having different requirements for cranes, the size of the crane is also different. For bridge cranes and gantry cranes, if the span of the main beam is too long, considering the size limitation of the container, to facilitate transportation, before delivery we will cut off the main beam at the factory to match the size of the container. Connection with high-strength bolts does not require additional welding until the product is shipped to the customer's factory.

For electric hoists and some electrical accessories, we will choose to pack them with high-quality plywood boxes to reduce distortion during transportation.


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