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What factors need to be considered when selecting cranes for a new factory building?

In the process of communicating with lots of clients, we found that some of them do not know the cranes very well. They think that any cranes can meet their basic demand as long as it is a crane, but this is not the case. There are many factors to consider when selecting a crane model.

Generally, for a new factory building, we recommend installing the crane before installing the roof as this makes it easier to install. Especially when the factory space is limited, if you build the roof firstly, when you install the crane, then the built roof need to be removed, this will increase extra work. When selecting the crane, it is not only important to consider whether the crane can be put into the building, but also whether the height of the crane can be accommodated in the building. The most important is to consider the real working condition. To design the most suitable crane solution and drawings, we suggest that you send us detailed drawings of the factory building. This can greatly reduce errors. Our technical team will design the span, lifting height, safety distance, etc. based on the factory building drawings and combine this with the usage on-site to design the crane model that is most suitable.


In addition to this, many clients are also concerned about crane installation work. There are three options available for crane installation:

1. We can send an engineer to your construction site to carry out the installation work, but you will need to pay for our engineer's salary, accommodation and round trip air tickets from China to your country. Our crane installation personnel are all engineers with over 15 years of experience. Before our engineers arrive on site, we recommend that you prepare the installation workers, tools, etc. Once our engineers arrive, the installation work can proceed easily.

2. We will provide you with technical support and installation drawings, and you can install the crane yourself.

3. You can find the local installation team, and we will provide you with installation drawings and technical support.

Above all, whether you need our technical to do the installation work or not, we still recommend that you find a professional crane installation team who know the cranes and wiring connection well. Please note that wiring for the crane is particularly important, as a small mistake in wiring can result in the entire crane circuit being burnt out. Therefore, this is not a simple task. If you do not want our engineers to go to install the crane, please be sure to find a professional installation team to carry out the work.

In recent years, crane accidents have occurred frequently, and a major reason is that the crane model and actual usage do not match. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the crane selection process and not choose a lower work duty crane just to save money, as problems will arise during production or use, making it necessary to frequently replace worn-out components or cause the crane to have an excessively short life span due to overuse. In particular, accidents caused by deformation of the main beam can result in fatalities. Therefore, we recommend that clients choose based on real working environments and conditions when purchasing cranes.

As top three crane manufacturers in China, Dejun promises not to recommend the most expensive or cheapest option when selecting a crane solution for clients, but rather the most suitable one. Our warranty period is generally one year. During this period, if there are any quality problems under proper operation, we will dispatch parts to you for free within 7 days and provide free shipping. Quality has always been our top priority, so if you have any crane needs, please contact us anytime, and we promise to offer you the best price and highest quality product.

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