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Electric Hoist Tip:Purchase &Precautions of Electric Hoist

Electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment. Because of its simple operation and light body, it is widely used in various industrial field, such as manufacturing plants, ship power, automobile manufacturing, civil engineering and so on. The demand of electric hoist is so great, because the application is remarkably extensive. How should we choose when buying electric hoist? What should we pay attention to?

Selection of electric hoist prices: Nowadays, the prices of electric hoists of different manufacturers on the market have shown a trend of transparency. You can learn more about the detailed quotations of manufacturers or suppliers through online information. Don't think that the low price is great or the most expensive is the best, when in the process of selecting prices.

The choice of manufacturer: In recent years, there are many different manufacturers and suppliers. When choosing this equipment of company, you often have to pay attention to their qualifications. We can evaluate the company's strength through certificates, catalogs, past orders and after-sales service.

Selection of electric hoist models: Customers in each field have different choices for electric hoist models, because different types and models of lifting devices have big differences in performance, characteristics, use, and installation methods. In the selection process, consumers purchase equipment must be based on their actual needs, which can ensure better use of the equipment and improve work efficiency. Of course, if customers only know their actual needs and don't know what model is suitable, they can directly consult us. We have a professional technical department that can recommend and provide suitable lifting equipment according to your needs. Some necessary parameter information needs to be provided by the customer, which we will introduce in below information.

Confirmation of electric hoist purchase parameters:

Lifting capacity: The electric hoist as a lifting tool is able to lift heavy goods. Thus, the choice of lifting capacity is determined by the weight of goods to be lifted. According to the different types of lifting goods, we have corresponding recommendations.

Overhead crane parameters

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Lifting height: As a lifting tool, electric hoist has strict requirements for lifting height. Therefore, you choose the height of lifting heavy objects according to the height of your plant when purchasing. The regular lifting height is between 6-30m. If the height which you need is not in this range, we can customize height for you according to your needs.

Speed: Generally, the lifting speed of electric hoist is divided into single speed (8m/min) and double speed (8/0.8 m/min). Single speed electric hoist (CD1 type) is often used when there is no special requirement. If your working conditions require precise positioning during the lifting of objects, we recommended to use a double-speed electric hoist (MD1 type). In general, the lifting speed determines your work efficiency. The higher speed of the electric hoist, the better efficiency you have.

Power supply: Electric hoist is electrical equipment, and the voltage directly affects whether the lifting equipment can be used normally. If the voltage is too high, it will cause irreversible damage to the equipment. Thus, the voltage provided by customers must be accurate. Customers don't have to worry about that. As long as the power supply is provided, we are able to produce them according to client needs. Power supply parameters includes below information: voltage, frequency and number of phases.

Installation method: Electric hoist is divided into electric trolley type (Electric hoist can lift objects up and down, move left and right) and fixed type (Only can lift heavy objects up and down). The user choose according to their actual situation.

Owing to most of the equipment in the machinery industry belongs to customized products, the above parameters can be customized according to the needs of customers, so there is no need to worry about the difference in voltage and other parameters due to the special environment and geographical differences. If you need it, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with professional services and suggestions. We also can provide special design solutions according to the needs of customers. Please feel free to contact Berg by email to Contact us to get your tailored hoist design and drawing today.