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Epidemic prevention and control &resumption of crane production of Henan Dejun

Under strict epidemic prevention and control measures and approval from Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of the Changyuan City, Henan Dejun Industrial Co., Ltd. has resumed work, and an epidemic prevention and control war and a spring production war have begun.

In the company's gates, offices, crane workshops, and our restaurants, special precautionary measures have been set up to protect the health of every employee.

Personnel registration, temperature testing; strict protective measures; clear epidemic prevention instructions; clear guidelines for resumption of work; how small the virus is, how delicate the epidemic prevention work must be.

Our employees consciously abide by the requirements of wearing a mask, taking a body temperature when entering and leaving the factory, and requiring a distance of one meter between people when queuing. We must carry out epidemic prevention and control and resume production in a safe manner.

Epidemic prevention and control is responsibility of Henan Dejun, and enterprises are special units for epidemic prevention and control. At the most critical moment in the fight against epidemics, our company repeatedly researched and deployed. Our company's leaders went in front of the production front line and gave detailed instructions to the employees' health status. They required that epidemic prevention and control must be detailed, solid, and in place, so that employees can be assured and their families can be assured.

In the peaceful era, there is no war smoke, but the battlefield without war smoke also tests everyone. Businesses create value for society. Whether it is "outbreak prevention and control" or "spring production", it is our common battle. The more difficult of the risks and the challenges, the more we need to strengthen our confidence in the construction.

Fighting retrograde, we are beginning a strong fight with high spirits. The production line is also the front line of the war epidemic. Henan Dejun Industrial Co., Ltd. looks forward to spring blossoms and the peace of the people of the country.

At present, our steel raw materials are sufficient, and our crane production lines have begun to resume production, therefore, if you have needs for bridge cranes, gantry cranes, cantilever cranes, electric hoists, electric winches, etc., please contact us in time and we will give you quotation and design scheme as soon as possible.