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How does the virus affect Dejun Crane?

First of all, Dejun would like to thank friends all over the world for their care and greetings.

At present, all employees of Dejun have resumed normal office work, and logistics and production have returned to normal.

All crane orders, production and delivery can proceed normally.

For orders that have already been produced, Dejun has notified customers and taken corresponding measures as soon as possible. As soon as logistics and shipping resumed, Dejun's product department had scheduled shipments.

Secondly, after the Chinese Spring Festival was originally planned, Dejun's technical team will go to the customer site for installation guidance, after-sales service and customer visits. Due to the force majeure of the world epidemic, these measures will have to be postponed, but they are definitely not cancelled.

By the end of February, the Chinese government had taken the most effective measures to treat and control the virus, and everything was under control. The vast majority of urban life is safe as it is in peacetime, and only a few cities have some influence like Wuhan. De Jun believes that under the leadership of the Chinese government, the selfless dedication of medical staff, and the joint efforts of all people, everything will soon return to normal.

In addition, all matters related to cranes, please feel free to contact Dejun's staff, we will reply as soon as possible.