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70A Isolated Conductor Bar & Crane Collector for Sale Ukraine

   On 14th July, we were the first to receive the inquiries about products from customer who is in Ukraine. In communication we learned the customer's requirements for the specific quantity of each component of the Isolated conductor Bar. However, the Isolated conductor bar is a complete set, including each component required by the customer. The current crane collectoris additional. After many days of communication, we finally confirmed the customer's requirements for the type and quantity, as well as the final current parameters. It is a 70A 4m*27pcs and 3 sets of current collectors. Please check 70A Isolated conductor bar and crane collectorcase to learn more knowledge.

   Normally, the accessories of the crane with regular parameters are in stock. It can be dispatched within three days. It is especially beneficial to customers who urgently need to use the product. Our packaging totally meet the international standards. The packaging of the Isolated conductor bar and crane collectoris packed in plywood wooden box. 


Package of Isolated conductor bar

   We can provide Isolated conductor bar and crane collectoraccording to the specific needs of customers, and the accessories of the regular parameters of slip lines are generally available in stock. When you want to obtain the quotation of sliding wire, please tell us below information:

  •            Current: ___A

  •            Type: Single-pole sliding wire, Multi-pole sliding wire and Seamless sliding wire.

  •            Length: ___M

   If you need the Isolated conductor bar, please feel free to contact us and Berg email:

   Introduction of Isolated conductor bar

   Isolated conductive rails, also known as sliding wires. It is a group of power transmission devices that supply power to mobile equipment. The sliding wire can be roughly divided into single-pole sliding wire, multi-pole sliding wire and seamless sliding wire.


   Different type of isolated conductor bar

   With mobile devices moving, it needs to constantly change positions. At each different position, the mobile device must be able to obtain power at any time, otherwise it cannot continue to move. At this time, the isolated conductor bar came into being. Several conductors are laid in parallel along the running track of the mobile equipment, and the power is turned on. On the mobile equipment, install a current crane collectorthat can take electricity from the conductor. In this way, when the device moves, the crane collectorruns synchronously with the device, and obtains power from the conductor at any time and provides it to the device so that the device can continue to move. The device composed of these conductors and current collectors is called Isolated conductor bar.

   Dejun Crane can provide the sliding wire according to your requirements. We not only can supply single-pole isolated conductor bar, but also other type of isolated conductor bar, so if you have need about the sliding wire, please contact us or Berg freely. Email: We will supply you the most suitable sliding wire.