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What Are the Characteristics of Multi-pole Slide Wire?

 The multi-pole slide wire is composed of high-strength engineering plastic insulated pipes or aluminum alloy protective sleeves, multi-pole conductive copper bars, current collectors, suspension, and fixed components.

 Multi-pole slide wire with its compact design, safe and reliable, economical and convenient characteristics, is widely used in factories, mines, warehouses, stations, ports and other lifting machinery, such as electric hoists, gantry cranes and overhead cranes, elevators, automatic production lines and other mobile electrical equipment.


 The main components of the multi-pole slide wire:

 1. Hanging frame: used to fix and keep the trolley wire conduit from deformation;

 2. Joint sheath: used to protect the joint part of the sliding wire and improve the safety and reliability of the product.

 3. Current collector: The collector is also called the receiver. The current on the sliding contact line is conducted to the electrical equipment through the collector. The collector is installed on the collector bracket, and the collector bracket is installed on the moving equipment. As the equipment moves, the carbon brush on the collector moves in the sliding wire to realize uninterrupted power supply. In order to facilitate the sliding of the collector brush and reduce the wear of the brush, a copper sleeve with a 45-degree chamfer is inlaid at the root of the brush; at the same time, in order to make the collector move flexibly and lightly, a bearing is installed in the guide wheel.

Product features of multi-pole slide wire

 Advantages: small space occupation, flexible combination, small bend radius, convenient and quick installation.

 Application areas: Port transportation, papermaking, tap water, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, logistics and other industries.


 Multi-pole slide wire product model

 A: Specifications

 1. The maximum continuous current carrying capacity of a single-stage guide rail: 50A; 80A; 125A; 140A; 170A; 210A; 270A; 320A; 360A

 2. Cross-sectional area of single-stage guide rail: 10mm2; 16mm2; 25mm2; 35mm2; 50mm2; 70mm2; 95mm2; 150mm2

 3. Number of conductive phases: 3 phases; 4 phases; 5 phases; 6 phases; 7 phases; 8 phases; 12 phases; 14 phases

 4. Tubular slip wire: J-aluminum alloy; R-elbow; common type is not standard

 B: Collector

 1. Brush current capacity: 40A; 60A; 150A

 2. Number of brush phases: 3 phases; 4 phases; 5 phases; 6 phases; 7 phases; 8 phases; 12 phases; 14 phases

 3. Features: A-aluminum alloy; R-elbow

 4. Collector: Multi-stage tubular collector

Precautions for installation of multi-pole slide wire:

 1. Determination of the installation location

 a. Close to the transmission location and install on the same side of the electrical equipment

 b. Keep away from severe vibration areas and try to avoid high temperature heat sources

 c. Pay attention to the convenience of maintenance

 2. Choose a suitable suspension method

 a. Select the appropriate suspension bracket model and size according to the site conditions

 b. The standard length of the suspension distance is 1200mm, and the longest shall not exceed 20000mm

 Related parts checking lists

 During the normal use phase of the multi-pole slide wire, the following related parts should be checked regularly:

 1. Check the wear of the brushes of the conductors in the conduit, and replace them if they have exceeded the normal wear length.

 2. Check the pipe (rail) joints for rust and looseness. Whether the fixed value-added and shift forks are loose.

 3. Check whether the catheter is bent or deformed.

 4. Remove the accumulated dust on the duct. Do not use too much force during cleaning to prevent damage to the plastic duct.

 5. When the brush is worn in the electric conductor, when the brush is worn to less than 2mm from its limit extension position, it should be replaced with a new brush immediately.

 6. Check the wear of the rollers. The rollers can ensure that the brushes are in the correct position up and down, left, and right. Excessive wear of the rollers will also cause the brushes to wear or continue to lose power.

 If you have any questions about the multi-pole slide wire, please don't hesitate to contact us.