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Overhead Crane Safety Accidents Analysis (1)

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Case 1

 The electrician performed the electrical safety inspection alone, and the lifting trolley broke his finger

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Crane Safety Accidents

1、Crane Safety Accident Introduction

On November 24, 1993, at the electric furnace plant of a steel company, electrician Huang (male, 25 years old, grade 7 electrician) inspected the electrical safety of the overhead crane. After checking the overhead crane slide wire, he was ready to return, and his feet were pulled by the platform. The support tripped, the body tripped, instinctively held the body to maintain balance, the left hand helped to the lifting trolley running rail, the lifting trolley just came over to roll over to Huang's hand, put his left thumb, index finger, Middle finger rolled off. After the accident, Huang walked to the safety door of the overhead crane end beam to turn off the emergency switch and informed the crane operator. This incident caused Huang to be seriously injured.

2、Crane Safety Accident Reasons

A. Huang inspected during the operation of the overhead crane, and he did not turn off the power during the inspection and did not inform the operator in advance.

B. At least two electricians are required to work together. Single-person work violates regulations.

C. The bridge crane is walking on without careful observation.

3、 Safety Improvement Measures

Strictly implement the safety operating procedures, and do a good job of cross-working connections.

a. Make sure to turn off the power during daily maintenance and inspection.

b. Notify the operator and make a warning

c. Comply with post safety operations.

d. Personally strengthen daily safety learning and establish safety awareness

e. The company strengthens the formulation and supervision of safety measures.

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overhead crane with platform

Whats The China Special Equipment

Overhead cranes are special equipment in China, special equipment refers to life safety and greater danger. In order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, the state has strict regulations on all types of special equipment from production, use, inspection and testing. The whole process of supervision is implemented to ensure the safety of people and property during use.

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lifting trolley

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