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Crane Busbar and Crane Busbar System of DJCRANES

Crane Busbar and Crane Busbar System

Crane busbar is used to supply power to traveling overhead crane. It consists of two parts, the busbar guide rail (fixed part, connected with the power supplyand the collector.

Crane busbar is used to supply power to traveling overhead crane. It consists of two parts, the busbar guide rail (fixed part, connected with the power supply, the common rail is connected by a single length of 4.5m/piece or 6m/piece), and the collector (sliding part, can slide on or in the slide rail and contact with the copper strip to take power, the collector is used to connect with the mobile motor).


Crane Busbar System Accessories

■   Power Rail

■   Current Collector

■   Carbon Brush

■   Middle Power Feeder

■   Hanger Clamp

■   Tow Arm

■   End Tension


Crane Busbar Advantages

   Installation and maintenance is simple and straightforward.

   Safe, reliable even in the harshest climates such as heavy rain, snow, of frost.

   Great electrical conductivity while dissipating heat quickly.

   Low impedance, minimum line loss.

   Graphite brush with high electrical conductivity and wear resistance

   Long use life

Crane Busbar Quality Measurement

■   Carbon brush life - is a consumable item, and the driving distance affects the equipment maintenance period.

■   Crane busbar shell quality - it's relate to temperature, environment and so on.

■   Current collector performance - mainly from the wheel life, turn wheel design and collector whether to meet the use of a variety of environments.

■   Crane busbar expansion problem - consider the expansion problem when the length of crane busbar more than 100 meters.

■   Voltage drop problem - voltage drop is different according to a variety of copper strip length.

Crane Busbar Maintenance

The safety of crane busbar should be checked regularly during normal operation, because the electrical equipment is the main production tool of each industrial and mining enterprise, and a slight error will directly affect the production efficiency of the factory. When inspecting the crane busbar, check whether there is looseness or disconnection at a joint every 6 meters. When checking the conductor, check whether the moving part is flexible, whether the tension spring is fatigued, the brush is worn, etc. The conductivity of the crane busbar and the tracking performance of the conductor should be adjusted in time).


Crane Busbar

During the equipment refurbishment period, the conductors are taken out of the conduit to check the wear of the conductive brush roller. If the brush extension is less than the specified effective length, it should be replaced in time. When the guide roller is severely deformed, it needs to be replaced so that the conductor run properly and have good contact with the brush ,also we need check the cause. Among all the components of the safety line, the brush is the only part that will wear normally.


Overhead Crane Electrial Busbar

Dejun Crane can provide you seamless crane busbar, single pole crane busbar, multipolar busbar, and complete crane busbar system, etc. Generally speaking, seamless crane busbar used in single girder overhead crane, single pole crane busbar used in double girder overhead crane,multipolar busbar mainly used in small current applications, and where space is required.

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