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How to choose suitable overhead crane for your factory?

With the rapid development of modern industry and the expansion of production scale, the proportion of material handling costs in production costs is getting higher and higher. Therefore, how to correctly and rationally select overhead cranes is of great significance for improving productivity, giving full play to the effective functions of cranes, meeting the requirements for use, reducing the cost of use, improving economic efficiency, and ensuring operational safety.

When selecting the type of bridge crane, you can do the following:

Overhead Crane Types Selection

Select the types of overhead crane according to the environment and application of the operation place.


Single Girder Overhead Crane

(1) In the working environment without inflammable, explosive and corrosive gas , we can choose the general bridge crane, electric single girder crane, electric single girder suspension crane and electric hoist bridge crane.

(2) In the working environment with explosive mixture, we should choose explosion-proof bridge crane.

(3) In metal smelting, rolling, hot processing places, we should choose metallurgical bridge cranes

(4)In non-ferrous metal electrolytic aluminum (magnesium, lead, zinc) and other smelting workshops, we can choose insulated bridge cranes

Overhead Crane Models Selection

Select the model of overhead crane according to the characteristics of the object to be lifted.


Double Girder Overhead Crane 

The bridge crane model consists of product code,rated lifting capacity, span, working level, etc. Different varieties of overhead cranes have different product codes. The same variety of overhead crane has different product codes according to different structure types, trolley configuration, and pick-up devices.

The basic parameters of the overhead crane characterize the main performance characteristics and working ability of the crane, which is the basic basis for the correct selection of the crane. The basic parameters of the overhead crane include lifting capacity, lifting height, working level, working speed and span.

(1) Determine the crane's rated lifting capacity by the sum of the maximum weight of the items to be lifted and the weight of the pick-up device.

(2) Determine the span of the overhead crane according to the width of the center line of the load-bearing beam of the crane rail according to the design drawings of the plant.

(3) Select the crane working level according to the utilization level and load status

    i According to the total number of working cycles in the life of the overhead crane design, the utilization level of the overhead crane is selected;

    ii Select the overhead crane load status according to the ratio of the hoisting load to the rated load and the ratio of the number of times of each hoisting load to the total number of working cycles;

    iii Select overhead crane working level based on utilization level and load status.

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