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What is a non-standard electric hoist?

Non-standard electric hoist refers to the product designed and manufactured on the basis of standard electric hoist. The main feature of non-standard electric hoist is to fit the actual working conditions and special needs of the buyer. Dejun Crane could custom all kinds of non-standard products and create exclusive lifting equipment for the buyer.


Non-standard Electric Hoist

Non-standard electric hoist specifications include: low headroom electric hoist, double hook electric hoist, multi-hook electric hoist, horizontal rope electric hoist, frequency conversion electric hoist, circular track electric hoist, double-track electric hoist, extended electric hoist, dual-voltage electric hoist, metallurgical anti-corrosion electric hoist.


Double Hook Electric Hoist

In many special workplaces, the general specification electric hoist can not meet the actual working conditions. It is necessary to design and manufacture a non-standard customized electric hoist for a specific purpose, which can better conform to the actual use environment of the buyer, saving time and effort. High work efficiency can help buyers reduce production costs and increase competitiveness.

In order to customize the non-standard electric hoist, the buyer needs to provide parameters to explain the use requirements. The general situation needs to provide: technical drawings, use environment, use requirements, lifting weight, lifting height, lifting speed, protection level, and other functions that you want to achieve. Our technicians will give reasonable design according to these requirements. And inform the customer of the final implementation.


Electric Hoist Supplier

Custom electric hoists usually take 3-10 working days depending on the actual situation. Dejun services has warranty 1 year, lifetime maintenance, electric hoist accessories service, design drawings, free technical support. If you have need about electric hoist,please contact us freely.