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Jib Crane Installation Case: 1 Ton Pillar Jib Crane On-site Assembly and Lifting

Before the jib crane installation, check whether the jib crane and the technical documents are missing or lost according to the packing list. The bending and torsion deformation of the slewing beam caused by the transportation, the rust and the bump of the shaft should be corrected or restored separately.


Jib Crane Installation Case

Because the pillar jib crane is supported by the column as a fulcrum, and the jib crane cantilever can be rotated 360 degrees. When the object is hoisted, the torque mainly acts on the column and the cantilever. Therefore, the foundation structure must be made according to the drawings.

When the cantilever crane is generally half a ton or less and the cantilever does not exceed 4M, it can be fixed with bolts (the thickness of the cement surface is more than 20CM). The jib cranes with more than half a ton must lay the foundations. And before the jib crane installation is not completed according to the requirements, the hoisting items are prohibited.

Jib Crane Installation: 1 Ton Pillar Jib Crane On-site Assembly and Lifting

The 1 ton arm cantilever crane is installed with anchor bolts to fix the column on the foundation of concrete or steel. The foundation must meet the maximum overturning moment of the rated load of the whole machine.


Pillar Jib Crane Installation

1 Ton pillar Jib Crane Column Installation

Hang the column on the flat foundation, pre-form the bolt to the hole on the 1 ton arm cantilever suspension chassis, screw the nut and then adjust the vertical adjustment of the column. After adjustment, tighten the nut and lock nut.

1 Ton Pillar Jib Crane Beam Installation

Before the jib crane beam installation, the electric hoist should be mounted on the beam and fixed, also the roller cover at the end of the beam struts should be mounted and then hoisted. When the beam is installed, align the column shaft with the arm end turntable hole, and let the roller slowly rest on the circular track of the column. After the parts are in place, tighten the fixing bolts; then install the power supply ring on the end of the shaft; finally, the beam is pulled by the rope to make it rotate one revolution, and the rotation should be flexible, without jamming and other abnormal phenomenon.

1 Ton Pillar Jib Crane Rotary Drive Mechanism Installation

The output shaft of the cycloid reducer with motor has been installed. Only the reducer is installed in the stop on the turntable, so that the drive gear can mesh with the large ring gear on the column and screw it on the flange. .

Jib Crane Operation and Maintenance Procedures

After the jib crane installation, the jib crane daily operation and maintenance is below:


Jib Crane Operation and Maintenance

First, the pillar jib crane inspection before use

■   Check whether the arm cantilever crane ground wire and power cable connection are intact, and there is no aging damage.

■   Check if the support column is firmly connected to the base.

■   Whether the motor shroud is intact and the transmission gear is worn.

■   Whether the gearbox movement is flexible and there is no abnormal noise.

■   Whether the support pin is withdrawn, whether the hook is cracked or deformed, and whether the chain is worn or deformed.

Second, the use of pillar jib crane

■   The operator should be in a safe position.

■   After the commander confirms that the employee has hung the hook and the person stands in the safe area, the operator will hoist and the operator will slowly hoist after receiving the command signal.

■   It is strictly forbidden to overload and slant lifting

■   Observe whether the chain is stuck during the lifting process.

■   During the lifting process, personnel are prohibited from moving under the object.

Third, the pillar jib crane after use

■   After the arm cantilever is used, the chain will be retracted.

■   Turn the boom parallel to the base and turn off the main power.

The pillar jib crane installation procedure is here for your reference. Any question about jib crane installation please contact us freely, and we will serve you sincerely.