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Non-standard Electric Hoist Design and Advantages

Non-standard electric hoist types include low headroom electric hoist, double hook electric hoist, multi-hook electric hoist, horizontal rope electric hoist, frequency conversion electric hoist, circular track electric hoist, double-track electric hoist, extended electric hoist, dual-voltage electric hoist, metallurgical anti-corrosion electric hoist.


Non-standard Electric Wire Rope Hoist Types

Double hook electric hoist is suitable for lifting extra long workpieces or items. The most notable feature of the double-rope electric hoist is that the position of the hook in the axial direction of the hoist is fixed. Therefore, this type of hoist is mainly used in places where there is no axial movement of the hoisting items, such as supporting the hoist double beam and the gate crane. , power station lifting equipment, etc. The hook distance can be designed according to the user's requirements.


Coaxial Double Hook Electric Hoist

What's Non-standard Electric Hoist?

Non-standard electric hoist refers to the product designed and manufactured on the basis of standard electric hoist. The main feature is to fit the actual working conditions and special needs of the buyer, and create exclusive lifting equipment for the buyer.

In many special workplaces, the general specification electric hoist can not meet the actual working conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to design and manufacture a non-standard customized electric hoist for a specific purpose, which can better conform to the actual use environment of the buyer. Non-standard electric hoist saves time and effort and has high work efficiency. It can help buyers reduce production costs and increase competitiveness.

Non-standard Electric Hoist Customized Process

The non-standard electric hoist is tailor-made according to the customer's own needs. The customized electric hoist steps are as follows:

■   Learn the user's requirements, and the customer service evaluates according to the customer's needs.

■   The service plan is provided by the customer service and the technical department.

■   Set up the electric hoist model and design the CAD drawing, customer review.

■   Non-standard electric hoist production, processing and manufacturing.

■   Non-standard electric hoist assembly and commissioning.

■   Ex-factory inspection and acceptance.

Non-standard Electric Hoist Design and Advantages

The non-standard electric hoists design requirements are very high, and need manufacturers to provide customized solutions, taking into account factors such as feasibility, stability and safety. Our non-standard electric hoist design engineers carefully design each detail according to the customer's needs.


Non-standard Electric Chain Hoist

The advantage of non-standard electric hoist is that it meets the special requirements of customers, the design is more rigorous, the functional requirements are more strict, and the production efficiency can be improved and the production cost can be reduced.

Non-standard Electric Hoist Prohibit Operation

The non-standard electric hoist is an electric hoist designed and manufactured according to the special site and user needs, which can significantly improve the operation efficiency and reduce the production cost. It prohibits operation in the following cases:

■   Overloading, diagonally slanting, hoisting or burying goods or lifting goods that are not light.

■   The electric hoist has defects or damages that affect the safety work, such as brakes and limiting devices failing; the hook nut anti-loose device is damaged; the wire rope damage reaches the scrapping standard; the driving I-beam has no baffle at both ends; the electric hoist itself has no buffer, etc. .

■   the bundle suspension unbalance may slide, the weight of the corners and the wire rope are not padded.

■   The work site is dim and it is impossible to see the site and the suspended objects.

Non-standard electric hoist operation must follow the rules of use. After use, do the appropriate maintenance work to achieve the best working condition and extend the life. Dejun Crane can provide you non-standard electric hoist according to your needs, if you have any need please contact us freely.