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Pneumatic winch test capability and Pneumatic manriding winch showing

Pneumatic winch can be used in oil fields (land, sea), natural gas, coal, metals and other mining exploration and development and marine exploration, shipbuilding and other industries. As best pnuematic winch in China, we have very rigorous testing process to ensure that our goals are met: BEST QUALITY IS OUR FIRST CONSIDERATION.

In today's high mechanization and automation, our factory also adopts a brand-new automated production process. Therefore, to ensure the best quality, we always have quality inspections at every step to ensure that problems are eliminated in the bud, rather than unified inspection at the last step, because by that time, many problems may have been covered up by the subsequent process ! Secondly, for example, if the surface is polished smoothly, if this step is not adhered to, it will not be detected after painting, and the problem cannot be improved after painting; for example, if the drying temperature and time are not reached, ensure that the drying is complete. The effect of the painting cannot be guaranteed. Below are Photo of robot production.

robot production.jpg

robot production

1. Pneumatic winch test capability

Pneumatic winch comprehensive performance test bench

Pneumatic motor performance test system.jpg

Pneumatic motor performance test system

Pneumatic hoist and pneumatic motor performance measurement.jpg

Pneumatic hoist and pneumatic motor performance measurement

Pneumatic hoist and pneumatic motor control center.jpg

Pneumatic hoist and pneumatic motor control center

2. Pneumatic winch showing

①ZJQH-5×24B Pneumatic manriding winch technica parament

penumatic winch ZJQH-5×24B parameters.png

Its main features are as follows:

(1)Compact structure, easy installation;

(2)To achieve positive and reverse stepless speed regulation, simple operation;

(3)Suitable for flammable and explosive gas;

(4)Starting torque is large, can load start;

(5)Operation, easy maintenance, smooth operation;

Man rider pneumatic winch is a pneumatic motor as the driving force, through the planetary reducer drive roller, realize lifting device or traction. It is mainly used for land or offshore petroleum operations, can be used for lifting and carrying two manned lifting purposes.

Double design coefficient, 8:1 design coefficient is used for manned; 5:1 design coefficient is used for the load. The ratio of the diameter of the cylinder to the diameter of the cable is 18:1, which can prevent the cable from wearing。

1. the winch adopts double support structure, and the rope end is safe and reliable;

2. The winch deceleration system uses (roller) built-in planetary reduction mechanism;

3. The winch brake system with built-in type parking brake and the overall external brake two brake; seal type automatic full brake, anti salt spray, erosion of dust or moisture, manual installation type drum band brake, the operator can implement braking;

4. The winch can realize local operation and remote control operation of two forms of control. Two control forms must also have loose rope protection, overload protection, limit protection, emergency stop protection, security and parking brake release multiple safety protection measures:

(1) Loose rope protection: when a person or thing hanging contact support and sling continued to decline in a smaller range, the system will automatically stop the sling decentralization, so as not to hurt people or things;

(2) Overload protection: when the load exceeds the rated load or setting load, the winch can not overload operation;

(3) Limit protection: the control system is equipped with the upper and lower limit device, when the winch hoist or lower than the set up and down position, the winch will stop running, so as not to cause damage;

(4) Emergency stop protection: when the operation is out of control or other emergency situations encountered, can quickly press the "stop" button to interrupt the supply, in order to avoid accidents. "Stop" button is pressed, with self-locking function, even if the accident is not up to

restore gas supply, only by pressing the "start button", in order to restore normal supply;

(5) Parking brake (built-in wet air cut-off brake): when the gas supply system for pipeline explosion or other reasons, the gas supply interruption, the winch will automatically apply the brakes, so as to avoid personal injury or other losses;

(6) Safety release function: when the winch accidentally stops working, should be able to put the person or thing to a safe location

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