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Pnumatic winch for sale

The pneumatic winch uses compressed air as the power source, has the best explosion-proof performance and its strong adaptability to harsh environments. It is especially suitable for places and environments with flammable and explosive gases, which greatly improves the safety of oil and gas exploration and development.


sectional view of pnumatic winch

DEJUN is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacturing of pneumatic machinery(also including pneumatic/air hoist,air trolley).Since 1984, it has focused on  pneumatic winch for sale and production.It has been promoted and applied in the field of oil and gas exploration and development at home and abroad, replacing the original electric winches and Hydraulic winches.So far, DEJUN has perfected the scale of pneumatic winches, and completed the functional design of multiple products such as remote control and shut-off brakes. The best quality has always been our first consideration. The product application areas are also from the exploration of oil and natural gas and development expanded to coal, metal, ocean exploration and shipbuilding industries, and through drilling rig supporting channels, directly or indirectly sold to the United States, Canada, Russia, UAE, Oman, India, Singapore and the Middle East and other more than 20 countries and regions , Has become the TOP 1 professional R&D and manufacturer of pneumatic winches in China.

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pnumatic winch for sale

Pneumatic winch for sale are based on DJEUN’s own R&D innovation and strict implementation of quality management. It has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, mining product safety mark certification, and China Classification Society (CCS) product type approval and the United States API certification of the Petroleum Association, etc.

The pneumatic winch is powered by a pneumatic motor, which transmits power to the drum to lift heavy objects through a planetary gear reducer. Pneumatic winch motor and reducer are respectively connected to both sides of the drum, so that the winch is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, simple in operation, convenient in maintenance, and stepless speed regulation can be achieved within a certain range. The brake of the winch is realized by motor braking, and the brake is reliable. Manual operation can be carried out without compressed air.

Precautions for the use after pneumatic winch for sale

1. Start the pneumatic motor first, and then the transmission gear starts to run. Before starting, the brake band on the reel should be braked, and the brake lever on the large gear should be released so that the reel does not rotate and only the large internal gear rotates.

2. If you want to start the reel, you must first completely loosen the brake band on the reel, and then brake the brake band on the large internal gear. At this time, the reel rotates and winds the wire rope for work.

3. During the working process of the pneumatic winch, if the pneumatic winch is to be suspended, you can loosen the brake band of the large internal gear, and then brake the brake band on the drum.

4. When starting the winch, the two brakes cannot be braked at the same time, otherwise it will easily cause the motor to burn.

5. The temperature of the drum brake belt and bearing of the pneumatic winch should not exceed 70℃. If the temperature rises sharply, it must be stopped immediately for inspection.

Operation and maintenance of pneumatic winch for sale

1. Do not arbitrarily remove the parts of the tool and then operate it. In addition to affecting the safety of the operator, it will also cause the tool to be damaged.

2. If the tool is slightly faulty or cannot achieve the original function after use, it can no longer be used, and it must be checked immediately. Regularly (approximately once a week) check and maintain tools, add grease (Grease) to the rotating parts such as bearings, and add oil (Oil) to the air motor parts.

3. When using various tools, be sure to follow various safety regulations and instructions.

4. Use appropriate tools for work. Tools that are too large can easily cause work injuries, and tools that are too small can cause tool damage.

5. The inlet pressure of the tool (not the outlet pressure of the air compressor) is generally 90 PSIG (6.2Kg/cm^2). Too high or too low will damage the performance and life of the tool.

Our company always takes "Science and Technology Innovation, Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement" as its tenet, and constantly improves and innovates pneumatic winches. According to the different needs of users, we can provide customized designs and products. If you want to know more about pneumatic winch, please contact us.