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European double girder gantry crane running on rail

European double girder Gantry cranes are mainly used for loading and unloading of outdoor.Due to the design advantages,the European double girder gantry could help you to lower initial investment for factory construction, increase productivity, and lower efforts for daily maintenance, and reduce energy consumption, and obtain higher return on investment.

European double girder gantry cranes are designed according to European crane standards, with light weight and compact structure. European-style double beam gantry crane uses: Schneider Electric, ABM / SEW brand three-in-one motor, galvanized high-strength steel wire rope, self-adjusting disc brake.


European double girder gantry crane

Technical parameters


European type double girder gantry crane

Lifting capacity(ton):




Working class:


Working temperature:


Features of European double girder overhead crane

1. High safety and reliability, convenient to maintenance.

Advanced technology, advanced processing equipment, and strict quality control measures and inspections ensure the quality of the European double girder gantry crane, in order to ensure its safety. The maintenance-free and easy-to-maintain design concept makes the advantages of the European-style double girder gantry crane more prominent.

2. Tight structure and modular design to optimize your investment

Because the European double girder gantry crane has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, low wheel load, it can greatly reduce the construction cost of the factory building and the cost of steel structure. Compared with the traditional double girder gantry crane, the consumption of raw materials for the European double girder gantry crane can be saved by about 5%, and then saving costs.

3. Advanced technology and reliable performance

The European double girder gantry crane adopts European standard manufacturing technology, with a compact overall design structure, equipped with ABM or SEW motors, and stable operation.

The hoist trolley of the European double girder gantry crane adopts modular design, beautiful and maintenance-free.


double girder installed indoor

The main beam uses square structure, compared with the traditional I-beam welded beam, higher strength, electric hoist on it run more stable.

Main Girder will have sandblast descaling and painted with zinc rich epoxy primer.It is cut by plasma numerical control cutting machine.The butt weld of tension flange shall undergo ultrasonic or x-ray flaw detection as specified.


Gantry Crane Main girder

The ground girder

Ground Girder will have sandblast descaling and painted with zinc rich epoxy primer.

The wheels of ground girder are produced in special vacuum casting workshop which make wheels more elastic and outer surface hard-wearing and durable.


Gantry Crane Ground Girder

European hoist trolley

The maximum lifting capacity of European wire rope trolley is 80 tons. The motor is ABM or SEW brand, (three-in-one motor, motor, reducer, and brake). The integrated compact design of the reel and limit switch saves space for users. Modular design improves the reliability of the mechanism, while reducing maintenance time and costs.

The modular design reduces the height of the crane itself and saves installation space. Save installation space for customers who install gantry cranes indoors.

The lifting and running of the hoist trolley are double speed, smooth running and precise positioning, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of the work. Because its working class is FEM2M, it is suitable for working more than 12 hours per day and mechanical processing and maintenance industries.


Electric wire rope lifting trolley

Electric Cabinet

The electrical components are Schneider or Siemens brands. The protection class is IP54.


Electric Cabinet

Crane Wheel

Wheel block material: nodular cast iron (High strength cast iron material)

Wheel block box: in block casting

Bearing: Deep groove ball bearing

Very durable, without regular maintenance

Bearing friction coefficient is small, high speed limit

Simple structure, low manufacturing cost

Easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy



Cable and drum

The core of the cable is copper wire, which has good conductivity, and the outer shell is a high-strength composite material with wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The inner filling of aramid material makes the cable more tensile and torsion resistant. It can resist the damage to the cable caused by the tensile force during the winding process of the reel and the twisting force produces spiral to cause internal structural damage.


Drum and cable


After learn the feature and parts of the European double girder gantry crane, please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. We can customize European double girder gantry cranes that fully meet your needs according to your requirements.