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U groove production process-LD type electric single girder crane

LD type electric single girder crane is a kind of light and small lifting equipment designed in China in the 1970s. The bridge of LD type single girder crane is used with CD type and MD type electric hoist. 

Its working level is A3 ~ A5, the span is (7.5 ~ 22.5) m, and the lifting capacity is in the range of (1 ~ 5) t. According to the national standard, the maximum standard lifting capacity is 16t and the maximum standard span is 31.5m. According to the actual needs of the factory, Dejun can provide non-standard LD single girder crane. 


LD single girder bridge crane

LD type electric single girder crane has the advantages of simple structure, convenient transportation, fast installation and construction, and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in workshops, warehouses and other occasions. It is a kind of widely used lifting machinery.

1、Punching process for U groove of main girder of LD electric single girder crane

The main beam of LD electric single girder crane is formed by welding I-beam steel with U-shaped groove stiffened plate, then welding two side plates, and then welding end beam connecting plate. The material of U-groove is 6 mm rolled plate, and the production process of stamping forming and multi-stage splicing has been adopted for many years (the length of each U-groove is within 1.5 m).



2、Status quo of stamping production process for U-groove of main beam of LD electric single beam crane

In recent years, the research on cold bending production technology of U-shaped groove of main beam of LD electric single girder crane has developed rapidly in China's steel industry, various cold-formed profiles have been widely used, and various cold bending equipment has also made breakthrough development. LD type electric single girder crane should have a great breakthrough in the production process. The U-shaped groove of the main beam adopts the continuous production process of cold bending forming, completely changing the old technology of segment splicing, so that the U-shaped groove of the main beam of the single girder crane with any span can be processed without welding seam.


Coil plate

3、The basic configuration of U-groove cold bending forming production line

uncoiler, leveler, shearing machine, steel plate centering device, forming host, conveying roller table, translation device, etc.


LD single girder bridge crane workshop

4、Working principle

the uncoiler uncoiles the rolled plate and sends it to the leveler to level the steel plate. The plate shearing machine cuts the steel plate into the required length, and uses the steel plate centering device to send the steel plate into the forming host for cold bending deformation, forming the steel plate into a U-shaped groove, and then the formed U-shaped groove is sent to the rib plate welding process by the conveying roller table and the translation device.


LD single girder bridge crane main girder

5、The main problems to be solved in cold bending forming process of LD electric single girder crane main beam are as follows

the equipment covers a large area; when producing U-shaped groove of different specifications, it is necessary to replace the moulds of different specifications.

Dejun can determine the compatible range of U-shaped groove (side plate) cold bending production line (i.e. several specifications of U-groove) according to the varieties and types of U-shaped groove (side plate)


Intelligent workshop

LD Single Girder Crane Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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