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Composition of LD electric single beam bridge crane

LD electric single beam bridge crane is a kind of crane which is used to lift and transport objects in the workshop or warehouse where the work is not frequent.

LD electric single beam bridge crane is mainly composed of the following four parts:

1、 Crane bridge

The bridge of LD electric single beam crane consists of main beam and end beam. The main beam is composed of U-shaped channel steel and I-shaped steel. U-shaped channel steel is used for end beam. All metal structure bridges of LD electric single beam bridge crane are welded. The main end beam is connected with high-strength bolts, and the tightening torque is 400N. M.

2、 Electric hoist

The electric hoist has two squirrel cage motors, one belongs to the hoisting mechanism, the other belongs to the hoist operation mechanism. The hoist is also equipped with four tapered wheels, which pass through four wheels. The electric hoist can be hung on the lower wing of I-beam crane. Please refer to the electric hoist operation manual for more information.

3、 Crane traveling mechanism

The traveling mechanism of LD single beam crane is directly driven by the driving device (driving wheel) composed of motor and reducer, and the brake is controlled by the electric part.

4、 Electric control system and operation method

Control room operation and ground operation. When air operation is adopted, a control room is set at one end of the main beam, and a control box and a control linkage platform are set in the control room. When operating on the ground, handle or wireless remote control shall be adopted. LD electric single beam bridge crane uses a conductive device at one end of the main beam to lead electricity into the crane. Limit switches are set at both ends of the crane end beam, and the electric hoist is set with lifting limit and operation limit. When the limit switch is activated, the current will be cut off to protect the equipment and personal safety

The above is LD type electric single beam bridge crane structure. In the large category, single beam bridge crane is divided into two types: manual type and electric type. The working speed and lifting capacity of each mechanism of the manual single beam bridge crane are relatively low, which is convenient for production organization and low in cost. In the case of insufficient power supply, the carrying capacity is not high, and the requirements for speed and productivity are not high. The manual single beam crane adopts the manual monorail trolley as the traveling trolley and the hoist as the lifting mechanism. The bridge consists of main beam and end beam. The main beam is usually made of a single I-beam, and the end beam is welded on the section steel or the steel plate formed by bending.

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LD Electric Single Beam Bridge Crane Offering Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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