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Maintenance Knowledge of Eot Crane

The eot crane needs regular maintenance to eliminate mechanical faults, ensure the safe operation of the crane operator and ensure its normal operation. The following is the maintenance method of eot crane after failure:

1. Inform the operator in case of failure on site to determine whether the failure is caused by illegal operation.

2. According to the data collected on site, analyze the actual situation, preliminarily determine the cause and location of the fault, and investigate according to the drawings.


3. Check the fault position with instrument and confirm the fault point or component.

4. If the fault phenomenon is not obvious and the fault location is not well judged, the drawings and instruments can be used to gradually check point by point to eliminate the possible trouble free parts. At the end of the day, you should focus on the suspicious parts.

5. If the fault is not dangerous, we can use instantaneous start to observe and find out the location of the fault.

6. After troubleshooting, the equipment related to the maintenance process shall be connected with wires, etc., and the reference documents shall be rechecked to confirm whether they meet the requirements of the drawings. External devices can only be installed without errors.

Carry out instrument maintenance for eot crane, and carry out multiple no-load tests after ensuring no problem. Similarly, the load test shall be carried out on the crane to ensure the normal operation of the eot crane.


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