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Wheel Replacement Procedure of 10t Bridge Crane

In the 10t bridge crane, the wheel set as a vulnerable part is very important in the components of the whole 10t bridge crane. At the same time, in order to check the potential safety hazards in the equipment, it is necessary to check the 10t bridge crane every other period of time, and the inspection of the wheel set is also essential. If the wheel set is found to be worn or damaged, it shall be replaced in time. If the wheel set is involved in the repair, not only the operation process is very exquisite, but also the replacement sequence cannot be changed at will.

1. First of all, the connecting screw of the coupling at the wheel shaft end of the 10t bridge crane is removed safely, and then the solid bolt connecting the wheel group angle bearing box and the end beam is removed; after the removal of the bolt is completed. 

bridge crane wheel.jpg

2. After finishing the above work, the crane bridge of 10t bridge crane is lifted with lifting screw or Jack, so that the wheel tread is a certain distance from the top surface of the rail. At the same time, the wheel group is pried and pulled out along the rail surface for removal and replacement.

3. Finally, the pre assembled and new driving wheel set with shaft end gear coupling half is hoisted to the 10t bridge crane track; the wheel set is pushed close to the installation position, at the same time, the thousand top must be adjusted to slowly lower the vehicle body, and the fastening bolts must be screwed in to ensure the safety of the work. At this time, the bolts in the horizontal direction can be tightened properly, and then the bolts in the vertical direction can be tightened correspondingly.


4. It is to align the screw holes of the gear coupling half at the wheel shaft end and the driven shaft coupling half of the reducer, penetrate the connecting bolts and be firm; after everything is normal, it is OK to drop the bridge of the 10 ton bridge crane.

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