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Comparison Between Electric Hoist And Winch

Electric hoist and winch are the lifting equipment in material handling equipment, mainly about the main differences between electric hoist and winch. First of all, winch and electric hoist on the appearance of the difference. Secondly, there are obvious differences between winch and electric hoist in operation mode, speed, lifting height, appearance and use.


Electric Hoist



1. Operation mode: the electric hoist can move left and right on the I-beam or main beam, and the winch can only be used in a fixed way.

2. Running speed: the conventional basic lifting speed of CD type wire rope electric hoist is 8 m/min, and the slow speed of winch is generally about 10 m/min, which is determined according to the lifting capacity and model.

3. Lifting height: the standard lifting height of wire rope electric hoist is generally 3M, 6m, 12M, etc. the customized lifting height needs to be determined before purchasing. Because after the installation of wire rope, the drum volume of the whole hoist will change. The winch only needs to see the capacity of rope, generally about 100m

4. The electric hoist is small in volume and the winch is large in volume. The installation of electric hoist is usually used for overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, etc. as the lifting mechanism, and the winch is usually used for fixed place as traction or lifting.

5. The electric hoist can only be used for lifting, and the winch can be used for traction besides lifting.

Electric Hoist & Winch Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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