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The effect of environment temperature on gantry cranes

When choosing gantry cranes or crane equipment for outdoor use, it is important to choose high-quality products that can withstand extreme temperatures and various weather conditions.  Our company can provide reliable solutions according to customers' actual working conditions to fully meet customers' actual use requirements.Any need help, contact us.

When  design the gantry crane, we need the customer to provide the maximum wind speed, maximum temperature and other influencing factors. The customer can rest assured that the gantry crane designed according to the working environment fully meets the usage requirements.

When selecting gantry cranes, hoisting machinery and components that fully meet the use environment, it is recommended to use components and parts with the following functions to ensure the stable operation and long service life of the crane under harsh conditions.

Fully meet the required insulation level, well-sealed bearings

●Motor and electrical appliance protection level is at least IP55

●Stainless steel motor housing

●Cable wrapped in a sealing sleeve

●Stainless steel wire rope hoist, corrosion resistant

●Motor hoist made of aluminum


Specification of surface painting of steel structure of gantry crane:

Surface treatment: The steel structure needs to be shot blasted before painting. Derusting ensures the smooth surface of the steel structure and improves the strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel structure.

●The first coating: epoxy zinc-rich paint, the solid content of which is not less than 80% by weight

●The second layer: use epoxy mica primer, the solid content of which is not less than 50% by volume

●Topcoat: Polyurethane cured propylene polyurethane topcoat with solid content not less than 60% by volume

Gantry cranes for outdoor use also need to consider the external protection of hoist or hoist trolley. If the local rainfall is high, the hoist or hoist trolley needs to be installed with a rain cover to prevent exposure to external rain. When the wind speed exceeds 0.7m/s, an anti-derailment device, hoist or hoist trolley, and an anti-sway device should be installed on the running track of the gantry crane.

The gantry crane that fully meets the actual working conditions has stable operation, high working efficiency, long service life and low maintenance cost. Therefore, when choosing a gantry crane for outdoor use, you need to provide detailed working conditions and requirements with the supplier, so that the crane designed by this can fully meet the actual needs of use. Otherwise, the operators, workers, employees and the lifting materials will be in danger. Using inappropriate gantry cranes, employee safety and work efficiency cannot be guaranteed. These problems may cause loss of time and money, and seriously affect the company's reputation and credit.


The influence of temperature on crane operation

Low temperature will cause the steel to become brittle, which will affect the crane's ability to carry materials. When exposed to extreme cold, the structure of steel may change significantly. As the conditions get colder and reach the ductile-to-brittle transition temperature, the steel structure will change from ductility to brittleness. This structural change will have a catastrophic and unpredictable impact on cranes and lifting machinery and equipment, thereby greatly affecting their performance. Although crane failures caused by cold weather may occur randomly, other factors may also affect the efficiency and performance of the crane. Such as cracks and gaps.

The external temperature is too high, and the surface temperature of the crane is increased through some fixed reflection and heat absorption conditions. In a high temperature environment, the steel structure will become softer, its hardness will become smaller, the working efficiency of the crane will slow down and the rated lifting weight will be reduced, and then the production cost will increase and the production schedule will be delayed. For the internal structure of the crane, especially the mailbox system, because the external environment temperature is too high, it may cause some accidents or damage the province of the crane.


When you are choosing a crane, you must communicate with the supplier in advance about the external environment temperature of the crane and the temperature of the material being hoisted. The supplier will select the appropriate steel structure raw material design and customize the crane according to the actual temperature design.

Because temperature can seriously affect material handling equipment and its ability to operate normally, it is necessary to select machinery that can not only withstand extreme temperatures but also comply with the most stringent industry standards. In fact, the crane works in an environment that is too high or too low. Dejun recommends reducing the actual lifting weight of the crane or increasing the rated lifting weight of the crane when designing the crane.

If you want to know more about the influence of temperature on gantry cranes, how to choose a suitable gantry crane, please contact us.