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Design Scheme of Light Duty Jib Crane

Fixed column jib crane is a kind of lightweight cantilever crane developed in recent years. It belongs to small and medium-sized lifting equipment. It generally includes a column and a cantilever. The cantilever rotation is assembled on the top of the column and can rotate under the driving of a cycloid pin wheel reduction device.The I-beam of the cantilever is guided to move along the length of the cantilever and is equipped with a trolley for forming a travelling device.The trolley is equipped with an electric hoist for forming a lifting device, which includes a lifting motor and a drum.And it is connected with a hook for lifting heavy objects.

fixed column jib crane.jpg

When the fixed column jib crane is in use, the lower end of the column is fixed to the concrete foundation by anchor bolts, and the corresponding power cords and control lines are connected well. It's controlled by the handle to the rotation of the cantilever, the lifting of the hook and the walking of the trolley, so as to realize the transfer of objects, which is energy-saving , Time-saving, labor-saving, flexible and other features, free operation in three-dimensional space, in short-distance, intensive transportation occasions, and it shows its more superiority than other conventional lifting equipment.

However, the hoisting device and travel device of the existing fixed column jib crane are both suspended on the cantilever. The larger lifting tonnage of the cantilever crane, the heavier the weight of the lifting device and travel device are required,and the larger cantilever is required. So the load-bearing capacity of the cantilever is more larger, meanwhile the volume and mass of the cantilever is more larger, which leads to an increase in the weight of the fixed-column cantilever crane and a more complex structural design. But it aslo limits the cantilever crane's carrying capacity.

The purpose of the light duty jib crane is to provide a light weight jib crane with a large carrying capacity. The hoisting motor and the reel are arranged at the bottom of the column, and the top of the column is provided with a fixed pulley for reversing the rope toward the extension direction of the suspension.The column is a hollow column, and the rope passes through the hollow part of the column.

lightweight cantilever crane.jpg

The lightweight cantilever crane is provided with a drive mechanism for driving the reversing mechanism to move along the length of the cantilever. The driving mechanism includes a rack provided on the cantilever and a gear corresponding to the rack provided on the reversing mechanism. The reversing mechanism is provided with a travel motor that drives the gear to rotate.

This product adopts the above technical scheme. The lightweight cantilever crane includes a column, a cantilever, a reel and a lifting motor for driving the reel to rotate. The reel is wound with a rope for lifting items. The lifting motor and the reel are It is fixedly arranged on the column, and the cantilever is provided with a reversing mechanism for reversing the rope downward. Therefore, the cantilever of the above-mentioned lightweight cantilever crane does not need to bear the weight of the lifting motor and the drum, and can carry heavier goods that improves the load-bearing capacity and reduces the requirements for the load-bearing capacity of the cantilever.

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