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Working Principle Of Column Mounted Jib Crane

Column mounted jib crane is a kind of light-weight lifting equipment, which is widely used in warehouse to carry goods and so on. According to the different running track, the column mounted jib crane can be generally divided into two types: internal hanging type and external hanging type. For different customers, we can choose the appropriate column mounted jib crane according to their actual needs. Then, before purchasing and using, we should understand the working principle of the column mounted jib crane.

The Column Mounted Jib Crane is generally suitable for short distance, frequent use and intensive lifting operation. It has many advantages, such as: high efficiency, energy saving, trouble saving, small floor area, etc., and it is easy to operate and maintain. The electric control box is installed on the hoist. Generally speaking, the hoist has two states: lifting and going back and forth on the crossbeam. The slewing arm beam can be driven by the reducer on the slewing device to rotate the roller.

As a light-duty jib crane, it is mainly composed of column, slewing drive device of slewing arm and electric hoist. The lower end of column is firmly fixed on the concrete foundation by foundation bolts, and the cantilever is driven by cycloidal pin wheel reducer. The electric hoist is used to hoist heavy objects by straight-line operation on I-beam of cantilever.

What are the advantages of column mounted jib crane?

The rotating arm of the column mounted jib crane is hollow steel structure, which has the advantages of large span, large lifting capacity, light weight, economy and durability. The built-in walking mechanism adopts special engineering plastic walking wheel with rolling bearing, and the small friction ensures that the walking is relatively light; the small structure size is more conducive to improving the hook stroke.


column mounted jib crane

Column Mounted Jib Crane Offering Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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