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How to safely use the traveling crane busbar

Safety busbar is one of the necessary parts to ensure the normal operation of the crane. The safety requirements for the operation of the Safety Busbar as follow:

1If the traveling crane busbar power supply equipment is not too heavy and the current is too small, The Busbar contact should be protected by grounding and zero connection.

2In the process of using safety busbar, try to avoid being too close to other live parts and keep a certain safety distance.

3At the installation site of safety busbar, safety signs shall be set up at the use site to avoid large pressure on other equipment personnel, resulting in shell fracture and safety accident.

4If the load and current of safety busbar power supply equipment are large, it is easy to cause high voltage of safety busbar. Where safety busbar is used, voltage protection devices such as lightning arrester and protection gap shall be installed.

5When using the safety busbar in the outdoor or indoor places where people are concentrated, strict protection measures shall be taken around the safety busbar to avoid the safety accidents caused by the surface damage of the safety busbar and the interface leakage.

6Although the special safety busbar has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance and high temperature resistance, it can be used normally in the harsh environment, but the busbar used in the harsh environment needs to be protected again to extend its service life.

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Single Slip Busbar

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Traveling Crane Busbar

Traveling Crane Busbar Offering Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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