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Electric overhead travelling crane and forklift are the main equipment for material handling, and they can improve work efficiency.

Electric overhead travelling crane and forklift have their own advantages in handling materials. Learn more about the main advantages and disadvantages of bridge crane and forklift, and provide reference for you when selecting the most suitable crane. Please refer to the following information:


HD type electric overhead travelling crane

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Advantages:

1)Reaching a higher space

Electric overhead travelling crane is placed on the bracket of the factory building, and the lifting height can be increased. So you can use space more efficiently to meet your business needs and also save space.

2)Save personnel

Electric overhead travelling crane is equipped with a remote control or a PLC intelligent control system, which can be operated remotely or conveniently, efficiently, safely and accurately. One person can operate several cranes at the same time. Forklift trucks need a skilled operator to operate the forklift when handling goods.

3) High work efficiency

The speed of electric overhead travelling crane is fast and the time for a complete working cycle is shorter than forklift.

4) Long service life

The service life of Electric overhead travelling crane is generally 30 years. If it is maintained and repaired properly, it will more longer. forklift are generally used for about 8 years and require frequent maintenance.

5) Customized

Electric overhead travelling crane can be designed and customized according to the actual building size and the size of the goods being lifted. The single girder overhead crane can reach a maximum of 30 tons, and the double girder overhead crane can reach 900 tons.

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Disadvantages:


The forklift is more flexible and can reach the corners of the plant, but the crane's trajectory has been fixed during installation and may not be reachable.


dejun diesel forklifts

Forklift Advantage:

Forklift have many models, including diesel, electric, liquefied petroleum gas, and gasoline, to meet customers' needs for different types of forklift according to actual working conditions.

forklift are compact machines that can work in tight and narrow areas. They are highly maneuverable, offering flexibility and ease with lifting and transporting goods.

Forklift Disadvantages:

1) Needs unobstructed and spacious passage

Forklift must travel along flat and unobstructed roads and require large aisles to turn because they are on wheels. The crane has greater maneuverability, only need to run along the length of the factory to lift and lower the cargo from a distance.

2) In some cases, two workers are required

When the goods transported by the forklift are relatively heavy, usually one person drives the forklift, and the other person needs to stand on the forklift to achieve balance to prevent the forklift from rolling over or unstable operation causing safety accidents. When operate crane, a person can safely lift and transport goods.

3) Frequent repairs and high repair costs

In terms of maintenance, the tires and hydraulic systems used by forklift trucks require some frequent maintenance and repair (about every few years). If they are used frequently, the frequency of repairs will also increase. If you are using a battery forklift, the battery and its charging station may be expensive.

Depending on the project's load size, location and parameters, each of these tools has its own advantages. However, In most cases, the carrying capacity, hook height, efficiency and long-term cost of bridge cranes exceed those of forklift.

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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