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What’s A gantry Crane ? Gantry Crane Basics for Beginners

Gantry cranes are widely used for material handling in various industries to improve working efficiency and material handling safety. What's An overhead gantry crane  and how to select the right overhead gantry crane  for your application? All the basics of gantry cranes you need to know will be presented for you.

Dejun Crane is aimed to help you understand what type of overhead gantry crane will be most beneficial for your application.


What is a gantry crane ?

An overhead gantry crane is a type of overhead crane with a single or double girder configuration supported by freestanding legs that move on wheels or along a track or rail system. gantry cranes are usually considered when there is a reason not to incorporate an overhead runway system.

These are typically used for an outdoor application or below an existing overhead bridge crane system. Unlike an overhead crane, An overhead gantry crane  does not need to be tied into a building's support structure—eliminating the need for permanent runway beams and support columns. In some cases, this can result in a significant reduction in material costs and can be a more cost-effective solution compared to a similarly specified bridge crane.

Larger gantry systems may run on a rail or track embedded in the ground, typically in a straight line in a dedicated work area. Smaller portable gantry systems run on castors or wheels and can be moved about a facility for maintenance or light fabrication work.

Features of overhead gantry crane

An overhead gantry crane is different from an overhead crane in terms of the spectacular features that it posses.

  • It comes with manual operation choices and full remote control.

  • It requires less maintenance and has a consistent performance.

  • It is super easy to install. Operate and maintain. It has a simplified and straightforward structure.

  • It has a wide range of applications and can come in handy both outdoors and indoors.

  • The best part is it does not harm the environment during the production process. It is environmentally friendly.

  • It is highly efficient with low maintenance cost and noise.

  • It works smoothly and steadily from starting till ending.

  • They are quite flexible and adjustable, which makes it convenient to place luggage around doorways.


Types of overhead gantry cranes

There are different types of gantry cranes available, depending on the structure and the application. Let's discuss the different kinds of gantry cranes below.

  • Full-gantry crane- this is one of the most popular and most widely used cranes. It has two legs that move along the fixed rails. It allows vehicles to pass very easily. It usually works in a dedicated area. It is generally armed with a secondary hook.

  • Semi-gantry crane- this has one leg running along a rail while the other leg runs along a runway system fixed on a wall. It is convenient for those who have less or confined working space as it does not require too much space.

  • Portable-gantry crane- this is a light and flexible crane system that can be carried and assembled easily on different sites as and when required.

  • Adjustable overhead gantry crane - this crane can be adjusted as per requirement. It can be portable or fixed. It comes with variable height and design.


What are the uses of gantry cranes?

Gantry cranes have a wide range of applications owing to their high efficiency and performance. They can work well both under indoor and outdoor settings.

They are used in indoor places like warehouses, workshops, garages, maintenance, and manufacturing units.

In outdoor settings, they can be used in the port, yard, freight, shipyard, dock, etc. some of the uses of gantry cranes in industry include-

  • Construction- gantry cranes, are used at construction sites. They are used to lift heavy loads and materials involved in construction.

  • Warehouse- gantry cranes also help in lifting heavy objects from the warehouse.

  • Shipbuilding- they are majorly used in the shipbuilding industry. Shipbuilding involves lifting heavy loads and materials, which can be quickly done by gantry cranes. The crane helps in the movement of the ship in the construction stage.

  • Manufacturing- gantry cranes, are also helpful in the production units. They help move parts from one place to another.

  • Automotive- in the automotive industry, gantry cranes are used for lifting the car engine from the vehicle.


How to choose the right overhead gantry crane for your business?

Gantry cranes are a popular alternative to the overhead bridge crane. Investing in any crane kind can improve your efficiency, operations, productivity, and increase worker's safety. Selecting the right overhead gantry crane  is critical to ensuring your work efficiency and safety. In the selection of An overhead gantry crane , you need to consider a few things so as to identify the right one for your application.

  • Selection of single girder or double girder overhead gantry crane

The selection of single or double girder is determine by the rated lifting capacity, working speed and size of load. In general, the single girder overhead gantry crane  can be used when the lifting capacity is below 30 tons and the span is within 35m. If the width of the gantry legs is required to be large, the working speed is high, or heavy and long pieces are often hoisted, a double girder gantry craneshould be selected.

  • Span and cantilever length

The span of An overhead gantry crane  is an important factor affecting the weight of the crane itself. The span length should be minimized on the premise of meeting the conditions of equipment use and meeting the standard of span series.

  • Determination of the track

It should meet the stability requirements of the gantry in the direction of the crane track.

The overall dimensions of the cargo must be able to pass through the flat steel frame of the leg smoothly.

The wheelbase (B) is proportional to the span (S). Generally, the wheelbase B = (1 / 4-1 / 6) S.

  • Determination of overhead gantry crane pitch size

During operation, there should be a certain space size between the external dimensions of the overhead gantry crane , the cargo in the yard and the transportation vehicle passages to facilitate loading and unloading operations. When loading and unloading within the span, the transport vehicle shall maintain a distance of more than 0.7m from the support legs. When not working, the spreader should have a distance of more than 0.5m from the transport vehicle, and the cargo should have a distance of more than 0.5m when it passes through the support legs.


Parameters needed for overhead gantry crane ?

Please provide some basic information about the crane you need so we can provide you with the right quote.

  • Rated load capacity

  • Span of the crane

  • Lifting height

  • Type of load or material

  • Crane working environment

  • How many hours does the crane work per day?

  • Other special requirements


Gantry cranes are designed to handle heavy-weight objects and provide an efficient means of lifting or moving loads and materials. Moving or lifting heavy equipment need not be expensive or permanently changing. Through  gantry cranes, they can be easily relocated. They can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly, making them ideal for use in multiple work areas or rented facilities.

With over 34 years of overhead crane manufacturing and engineering, we are able to provide you various different types of cranes services from design, manufacturing to installation. If you have any need or doubt, please feel free to contact us.