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Crane Hook

Crane hook is one of the most common lifting tools in crane machinery. The lifting hooks is usually suspended on the wire rope of the lifting mechanism by means of pulley set and other components.

Crane Hook Introduction

Crane hook is one of the most common lifting tools in crane machinery. The lifting hooks is usually suspended on the wire rope of the lifting mechanism by means of pulley set and other components.Crane hooks are suitable for factories, mines, petroleum, chemical and ship terminals. It ensures safety, quality and safety factor, static load up to 3 times, lifting capacity from 5 tons to 600 tons.

Components of Crane Lifting Hook

Crane lifting hook is one of the most widely used loads handling devices, which is consisted of hook, hook nut, thrust bearing, hook beams, pulley, pulley bearings, pulley hanger, etc.

Types of Crane Lift Hook

According to different standards, crane hook groups can be classified into different types, the single and double hook, the forging and laminated hook, closed and semi-closed hook, and other hooks, such as, electric rotary hook, etc. according to the different features, these types of crane hook groups are widely used in different applications.

1) On the shape of hooks

Lifting hooks can be classified in to single hook, C type hook, and double hook, etc. 


Single lifting hook is usually used for handling loads under the weight of 75 tons, with the feature of simple manufacturing and convenient to use, etc.

Due to the good bearing capability, the double lifting hook is widely used for heavy loads handling.

2) On manufacturing methods

According to the produciton methods, crane hook groups can be classified into forging hook and Laminated hook.

Forging Hook


The forging hook is made of high quality low carbon steel or low carboon alloy steel, such as, 20 high-quality low carbon steel, 16Mn,20MnSi,36MnSi, which is annealed after being forged.

The forging hook is simple to be manfactured and is easy to be operated however its stress condition is not as good as laminated hook. Therefore, the froging hook is usually used for handling loads below 80 tons. And double hooks will be adopted when come into handling heavey loads.

Laminated Hook


Laminated hook is riveted through several pieces of steel plates. The laminated hook provides high safety for when one individual plate has flaws, the whole hook still can work without being damaged. With the features of high safety and large dead weight, laminated hook is usually used on large lifting capacity cranes, such as, steel ladle cranes, etc.

Laminated hooks also can be classified into single laminated hooks and double laminated hooks. 

3) Closed and semi-closed crane hook groups


4) Electric rotary hook

The electric rotating hook set can be used in conjunction with other rigging accessories and can be used to change the lifting angle and direction of rotation. Due to the loading and unloading and reloading operations of spreaders, ships and vehicles in steel mills, docks, stations, pile yards, etc., high loading and unloading efficiency is required, and the direction of objects is changed to speed up the melting of parts, profiles and ships, so the rotating hook group is widely used in the above cases.


5) European crane hook group

The European crane hook group has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, energy saving and low noise. The European hook group can minimize the limit distance from the hook to the wall, the lowest clearance height, and can be close to the front work, the lifting height is higher, and the utilization space of the customer's existing factory building can be effectively increased.


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