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Diesel Winch|Diesel Winch for Sale

Diesel Winch

ModelDiesel Winch
Loading Capacity:0.5t to 10t
Pulling Speed:4~18m/min
Rated Traction:15-50KN
Driving Method:Belt Drive; Shaft Drive

Diesel winch, which is a lifting tool that is powered by a diesel engine and that rotates the reel by a drive unit. The motor can be controlled by the frequency converter, it can be vertical,horizontal or inclined dragging. The rotation mode is divided into belt drive and shaft drive.


Diesel Engine Winch 

The diesel winch is usually used outdoor where electric supplier is not available.Supported by diesel engine,the diesel winch do not need take the generator,which make the diesel powered winch is an ideal solution for lifting and pulling loads in remote areas with little electric supply. Besides, the diesel powered winch also can be functioned as an anchoring winch on platform and ship,etc. 

Diesel engine winch is mainly used for power transmission project(including underground power cable engineering),telecommunications, telecommunications engineering construction tower erection, the traction cable, tighten the wire, lifting weights and tools especially suitable for small batch operations within the city.

Diesel Winch Machine Scope and Characteristics

■   Diesel winches are widely used in group construction, towers, tight lines, lifting tools and heavy objects.

■   The diesel engine winch is light in weight and is especially suitable for use in field power-free locations.

■   Any model of the diesel winch can be configured with motor power when used in a power source.

Advantages of Diesel Winch

■   Reasonable structure

■   Small size

■   Light weight

■   Utilitarian

■   Flexible operation

■   Convenient handling

Notes when using a diesel winch

■   All the wire rope on coiling block should neatly arranged, once the overlap and crossing takes place, the related operator should turn off this machine and replace these wire rope in time. Any workers shouldn't pull or stamp steel rope when a diesel winch is working. At the same time, they shouldn't let this wire rope out totally; there should be reserve three rounds at least.

■   The wire rope is not allowed happen the situation of knotting and twisting. Company or factory should consider exchanging this wire rope when break down area in one pitch arrive at or over 10%.

■   During the diesel winch working, anyone is prohibit to cross the wire rope. What’s more, the related operator is not allowed to leave this working winch after it has lifted some materials. On the break time, the substance or ladder should be fall to ground.

■   During working hours, the cable and signalman should always keep good vision to these materials lifted. All the related workers should work together according to the sign seriously.

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